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Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is one of the most environmentally friendly fossil fuels available. It is cleaner burning than petrol, diesel, wood, coal and fuel oil.

Company Profile

Prime LPG  is a fully integrated LPG marketing and distribution Company capable of giving customers reliable and economic supply of product. Supply Chain the Company owns extends from allocation from local producers and a fully owned input terminal at Dhurnal to supply consumer retail packs of LPG. As such activities of the Company start from the import of LPG and go on to the storage, bottling, distribution and marketing of LPG both in bulk tanks and cylinders.

The Dhurnal terminala located 25 km  from Fatehjang City. The bulk storage capacity is of cylinder .

PG is the fully integrated LPG Company in Rawalpindi/Islamabad region and largest in terms of investment. From handling LPG at its own import terminal, right down to the supply of consumer retail packs of LPG, while conforming to highest HSE standards, PG aims to make a significant contribution to the social development of its customers and communities at large in Rwp/Isb. PG’s main storage, bottling and terminal facilities are located at Dhurnal district Attock which handles LPG from various international sources, both for its own account as well as a common user facility for other LPG marketing companies. PG offers hospitality arrangements to other LPG marketing companies in all its storage and bottling operations countrywide. Nationally, PG owns one of the country’s total storage facility. With special relationships among LPG producers worldwide. PG ensures adequate and economical supply of LPG in Rwp/Isb region while creating greater price stability. This is evident since the terminal has come into full operations.

PG has its main office in Dhurnal (Attock), a regional office in Islamabad. Regional Distribution Centers are located in Rawalpindi peerwadhai morr near Koh e Noor mill Rawalpindi. The Company at present has strength of 50+ employees with qualified and experienced staff from the LPG industry. It has over morethan 50 dealers nationwide.

Our Services

Free home delivery services only Islamabad and Rawalpindi


Prime, North, Pole, Fone & Khas Gas

Cylinder Types

11 Kg, 15Kg and 45Kg

  • LPG is available to easily and can be used anywhere.
  • Over 40,000 Pakistan homes enjoy the benefits of LPG
  • Over 10,000 motorists in Pakistan use LPG in their vehicles
  • LPG supplies are assured for years to come
  • LPG is the smart choice – it’s cost effective and convenient

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