About Us

We are providing technology base solutions

Prime Engineering Services (PES) is an technology base Solution Company headquarter located in Islamabad  Pakistan. PES’s technology base services are a natural extension of your organization. PES offers a range of technology base services, lik

  • CCTV Camera System (Installation & Maintenance Services)
  • Biometric System (Installation & Maintenance Services)
  • Solar, UPS, Laptop, Printer, Mobile and other electronic devices (Installation Repairing & Maintenance Services)
  • Hospital Items” Electromedical equipment, LAB equipment, Disposable items & Surgical instruments” (Installation & Maintenance Services)

PES serves as a natural extension of your organization to achieve fast time-to-market for innovative technology end-products. As an external resource for installation, repairing & maintenance  services, PES integrates smoothly into your operations. The company offers on-going support, forming long-term relationships with its client base.
We have a vast pool of educated and talented individuals. The Human Excellence Department is specifically trained to select effective employees through a rigid hiring process. Upon being selected, the employee is put through a series of training sessions to ensure that they will provide quality services consistently. 

PES Philosophy on Technology Base Services

As a seasoned technology base solution  company, PES brings valuable added expertise to your technical engineering department. Outsourcing technology services to an experienced technology design company or experienced technical faculty can speed up the technology base solution process. PES brings the necessary skills and specializations to bring quality items to market quickly and efficiently. Our technical team is guided by our customer-centered values. 

Our Commitment

As a pioneer technology base solution company, PES is committed to: 

i. Quality:

With our long history of satisfying demanding customers from around the country, we deliver nothing less than Best in Class Quality products and solutions.Using our 20+ years of proven experience, we deliver in line with customer’s exact specifications:

  • Effective quality management systems
  • Documented improvement programs
  • Risk management tools
  • It is in our DNA
  • Quality is Job One.


ii. Delivery & Installation:

“With our deep global sourcing capabilities, we buy the equipments or items where we get the best combination of quality, availability and price regardless of where the supplier is situated–China, Japan, Europe, US, or anywhere around the world!” We commit to keep our promise! Our main objective is to meet your delivery & installation schedule. Our customers plan their business around that commitment. We have the right systems in place to ensure delivery & installation to your schedule:

  • Proactive supply chain management
  • Optimized manufacturing processes
  • Reduced lead times
  • Reliable customer dialogue
  • Active project management
  • As a PES customer, you should expect nothing less than our promise to receive the perfect product on time, every time.


iii. Value:

The difference between being “low cost” and providing the best value: We deliver what you should expect as our customer: the right product, on time. We are constantly improving our methods, using the newest trends and technology to help you succeed in your business.
We promise to deliver the best value through:

  • Manufacturing efficiency and yield improvements
  • Optimized costs
  • Continuous improvements


iv. Innovation:

Bringing innovation to your projects:
Though it’s better to be safe than sorry, PES always strives for more. At PES we believe in our skilled team, working together, seeking and implementing solutions you have yet to see. We are always researching new techniques from renowned industry leaders in various technology domains.
We promise to deliver innovation through:

  • Problem solving culture
  • Expertise in every process and focus on continuous improvements
  • Ability to think and DO outside the box to find new solutions
  • Creativity, curiosity, positive attitude and involvement
  • Proactive customer dialogue
  • Innovation is about competence and having the right technical resources. PESs’ track record success with industry leading customers speaks well
  • to its innovative capabilities.


v. Sustainability:

Since its beginning, PES has lived by a simple philosophy: We want all our customers to be long term, sustainable partners. Our customers evolve as long term, sustainable partners because:

  • We are a financially solid, debt-free and healthy company with a long history and promise to be there for our customers in the long term.
  • We are a socially responsible company and are considerate of our employees and the communities of the country we operate in.
  • PES provides opportunities for advancement through, training, education, and dedication.
  • We are an environmentally friendly company, and are committed to doing what we can to preserve and protect the environment.
  • With its most advanced engineering  services, PES has been a sustainable partner to its worldwide customers.


Mission and Vision


“To be the only outsourcing choice for Technology Base Company nationally & internationally and to be the dream place to work in for the fresh graduates, through:”
Providing solutions in low rates and high quality
Continuous investment in research and development
Providing high career growth to employees 


“To provide quality services to our offshore office with state of the art technology and high-performance team, and simultaneously developing the skills of our employees and engineering students through professional trainings.” 

Vision 2020

“To be the backbone of the world renowned Technology base company, hiring 300 graduates , training 500 fresh graduates and development of our infrastructure.”